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7:30pm - 10:30pm //  Welcome Ceili and Session

Where: Center for the Arts, 3400 Norman Ave., Baltimore, 21213

What: Everyone will be arriving Friday and we're excited to start the weekend with a ceili and a few tunes! . Workshop registrants can pick up their packets at the session between 8-10pm. Led by staff TBA Ceili called by Megan Downes.  Refreshments offered for sale.

$20  (Included in the full weekend package)


9:30 am - 3:30 pm Music and Dance Workshops 

Where: Center for the Arts, 3400 Norman Ave., Baltimore, 21213

9:00 am // Registration for Music and Dance Workshops

9:30 am // Orientation and Warm Up for Music and Dance Workshops

10:00 am -3:30 pm// Music and Dance Workshops  

(Lunch break 12-1:30) A fantastic selection of gourmet sandwich lunch boxes plus beverage will be available in the kitchen for $15 (please bring exact change-cash) Hand made by Yes Chef!


What: A fun and intensive small group class (described on the Workshops page) with some incredible teachers and world class performers, in many different instruments, as well as song and dance. This is a great opportunity to meet other musicians and learn from the masters! It's recommended that students enroll in just one class for the day, however half days may be offered upon request. There will be an intermediate session during the lunch break. Classes available for beginners though advanced levels. Visit the Workshops for full list of classes and class descriptions.)

See Register page for fees, and to sign up. Advanced registration strongly encouraged.


12-1:20 Lunch Break Session led by TBA- All are welcome to join! 

3:45-6 pm/ Intermediate Session 
Where: Center for the Arts, 3400 Norman Ave., Baltimore, 21213

What: An Intermediate level session. Free to workshop participants

Led by: TBA

8pm // Irish Music Masters Concert at The Creative Alliance 

Where: Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD

What: A highlight of the Baltimore Irish Trad Fest, this all-star concert features some of the world's greatest performers of traditional Irish music, song and dance. This rarely equaled array of internationally known talents from around the U.S. and Ireland.

Tickets: $32


11:00am-1:00pm // Brunch Session

Where: Five and Dime, 901 W. 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

What: Enjoy a fabulous brunch followed by some tunes.  Arrive early. Brunch available for purchase. Free and open to all - come play, dance or listen. With Jim Eagan & friends

Free and open to the public


$40 for 2 classes, $25 for 1 (Included in the Full Weekend Package) 

1-2:30pm Choose one: 

  • Musician Health and Wellness Seminar with Sean McComiskey, PT DPT @ ZISSIMOS 1023 W. 36th Street

  • Irish Traditional Singing Style and Technique with Eileen Estes @ BLUEBIRD PUB (Lower Level) 3600 Hickory Avenue

  • History of Irish Traditional Music and Dance in America Panel with staff TBA @ BLUEBIRD GREEN ROOM (Main Level) 3600 Hickory Avenue

3-4:30pm Choose one: 

  • Mindful Movement with Kieran Jordan @FIVE AND DIME 901 W. 36th Street

  • Tune Repertoire Class with staff TBA @ ZISSIMOS 1023 W. 36th Street

  • Song Repertoire Class with Eileen Estes & Catherine O'Kelly @ BLUEBIRD PUB (Lower Level)

  • History of Irish Traditional Music in Baltimore with Billy McComiskey and friends @ BLUEBIRD GREEN ROOM (Main Level)

5:00pm -  // Farewell Sessions

@ BLUEBIRD PUB 3600 Hickory Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211
@ BLUEBIRD GREEN ROOM 3600 Hickory Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211

Put what you've learned to work and play some tunes at the Bluebird Green Room or sing some songs in the Bluebird Pub with staff and guest musicians.  Free and open to all - come play, dance or listen.  Led by staff TBA

Free and open to the public

See Registration for more info or to sign up. 

Programming subject to change.

11pm // Music Sessions at the James Joyce Pub

Where: James Joyce Pub, 616 President Street, Baltimore, MD

What: After the concert, participants and performers alike will gather at the James Joyce Irish Pub in Harbor East to socialize and play music together.  Session will last until 2AM.  Food and Drink will be available for purchase

Tickets: Sessions are open and free to the public

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